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Southern Press and Packing, Inc. - Regenerate 100% Blueberry Juice

With 12 years of experience growing blueberries, we know there is more to blueberries than just pie-fillings and a quick snack. We at Southern Press & Packing proudly bring to market a 100% blueberry juice with the flavor and natural sweetness of fresh blueberries.
Look to us for more innovative product lines in the future.  

Pressed from a Special Blend of 100% Blueberries that allows
the Natural Sweetness of the Berry to Give Regenerate
it’s Fresh Blueberry Taste.

NEVER from Concentrate

 NO Sugar Added and a Powerful Antioxidant

Flash Pasteurized for Best Quality and Up to 2 year Shelf Life

Each Bottle Contains Juice Equivalent to 1 Pound of Blueberries.
    - Blueberries Offer Many Nutrition and Health Benefits
    - Blueberries are Recognized as a Super Fruit

All By-products of Our Juicing are Re-purposed for a Positive
Impact on the Environment. 

80 Calories per 5 ounce serving

Virtually No Fat


Regenerate 100% Blueberry Juice - No Added Sugar - Tastes Great!

Now Available in Select Military Commissaries

Check for Regenerate in your Commissary, or ask that it be stocked

Find Us in The Produce Department in The Following Stores!

Harveys Supermarkets are located in Georgia, North Florida & S. Carolina

Wall's IGA in Blackshear, GA, our hometown retailer.

Piggly Wiggly Charleston Division supplies stores in S. Carolina and Georgia

Kroger Atlanta Division has stores in Georgia, S. Carolina, Alabama & Tenn

Whole Foods Atlanta Reg has stores in Atlanta, in GA and soon in Savannah

Food Lion Salisbury division includes stores in North and South Carolina



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