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Regenerate 100% Blueberry Juice: 

With 12 years of experience growing blueberries, we know there is more to blueberries than just pie-fillings and a quick snack. We at Southern Press & Packing proudly bring to market a 100% blueberry juice with the flavor and natural sweetness of fresh blueberries. With much experimentation we were able to produce this juice to be all natural and contain no additives. 

Pressed from a Special Blend of 100% Blueberries that allows the Natural Sweetness of the Berry to Give Regenerate's Fresh Blueberry Taste.

NEVER from Concentrate, NO Sugar Added and a Powerful Antioxidant

Flash Pasteurized for Best Quality and Up to 2 year Shelf Life

Each 10 oz Bottle Contains Juice Equivalent to 1 Pound of Blueberries.
    - Blueberries Offer Many Nutrition and Health Benefits
    - Blueberries are Recognized as a Super Fruit

All By-products of Our Juicing are Re-purposed for a Positive Impact on the Environment. 

80 Calories per 5 ounce serving and contains Virtually No Fat

Regenerate Blueberry Juice is not only sold in 10oz Glass Bottles in the stores but we make a 4oz and 6oz carton for the Schools to serve. 

Our amazing 4oz carton of nutritious goodness is the equivalent of ½ cup of fruit.  This is being made available in select schools in Georgia. We join the fight against childhood obesity with a nutritious and great tasting alternative. 

Regenerate 100% Blueberry Juice - No Added Sugar - Tastes Great!

Fresh Berries:

Southern Press & Packing's involvement in harvesting, producing and marketing of fresh berries continues to advance. Southern Press & Packing is currently undergoing several areas of expansion. These areas of growth include but are not limited to lengthening the fresh ripening season by investing in expanding access to blueberry varieties. We accomplish this with sourcing from neighboring farms in and around Southeast Georgia. We are currently producing our Fresh Blueberries in Pints, 18oz & 6oz clamshells. 

Regenerate Fresh Frozen Blueberries:

We are excited to announce our new 12oz Fresh Frozen Blueberry Polybags. You can now get the same delicious Regenerate berries that you enjoy durning fresh season all year long. Please visit the freezer section of your local grocery store to purchase our new product. 

If you are unable to located us in your current grocery store. Please contact your store manager and request for them to supply your favorite Regenerate Products. 

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